The founder of WEGA boasts over 10 years experience in the nutraceutical industry. From raw material ingredient sourcing, production, testing, and shipping, WEGA has established a name in the dietary supplement industry that you can trust.

We only supply our communities with the purest, safest, highest quality raw materials found anywhere in the world today. 3rd party testing laboratories are used to ensure the claims on our COAs match the products we are supplying you.

Vertical integration allows us to analyze your vitamin/supplement products needs through a holistic lens. WEGA offers retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and branded companies with an unparalleled dietary supplement experience.

We characterize our founders achievements the past 10 years as "achievements of vision." These are the ideals of regulatory excellence, the concept that should be present consistently at all levels of our organization, as well as in our policies & QA processes.

                                                                          Health, The Only Thing That We Care

Health That Counts


                                    Our Story

WEGA is a wholesaler and importer of nutraceutical products, mainly specialized Botanical Extracts   (e.g. KSM-66, AshwaMind BG), Vitamins, Oils & Bulk Softgels. Supported by our manufacturing divisions, the whole team always perform the mission to fill a universal need in the dietary supplement and foods services industry.

Wega's value is to do right things and do things right. Our manufacturing and sales team spent our prime and best time in working with each other who are qualified professionals from diverse dietary supplement services backgrounds to provide an all-in-one solution. As a privately owned, marketing-led company, Wega prides

itself on its ability to quickly adapt to customers' needs while creating a unique user experience that places you at the center of integration.

We would like to spend our whole life in the career of providing health knowledge and products to people we care and to places we love. If you are one of this type,

it is sincerely welcome to work with us to create more extraordinary performance together to make this world a better and healthier place.

10 Years Experience

Winning Combination

Unmatched Quality

Regulatory Excellence

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