The world's best ashwagandha product for memory and cognition enhancement

Around the world, a person will develop dementia every three seconds. In 2020, more than 55 million people were living with dementia worldwide, with this figure set to almost double every 20 years, reaching 78 million in 2030 and 139 million in 2050. Much of this increase will be seen in developing countries.

Every year, there are nearly 10 million new cases of dementia globally. Today, it is estimated that there are approximately 44 million people worldwide living with Alzheimer's disease.

Recognising dementia as a global public health priority, the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines

dementia as a syndrome characterised by a deterioration in cognitive function beyond what might be

expected from the typical consequences of biological ageing.

Impacts on Cognition & Memory

An important aspect of dementia relates to the way it affects a person’s cognition. People with dementia or Alzheimer’s experience a deterioration in their cognitive functioning. Cognition refers to thinking, with dementia and Alzheimer’s affecting a person’s ability to think.

Cognition also encompasses the processes associated with perception, knowledge, problem solving,

judgment, language, and memory.

Ashwagandha: For memory and cognition enhancement

Ashwagandha, used in the Indian medical science Ayurveda, is known for its memory and cognition

enhancement properties

AshwaMind, made from ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a clinically tested, standardised and full

spectrum extract containing six withanolides (withanoside IV, withaferin A, withanoside VI, 12-deoxy

withastramonolide, withanolide A and withanolide B) to support memory and cognitive abilities in


AshwaMind is manufactured using a unique extraction process, yielding the optimum percentage of

withanolides. The manufacturing process has also been designed to retain the plant’s other important

bioactives, which are required to ensure the herb’s efficacy.

Why AshwaMind®?

1. The product demonstrates positive efficacious results from a human clinical study

2. It is endowed with six bioactives providing holistic benefits

3. AshwaMind is made with the best ashwagandha, cultivated using sustainable supply chain practices

4. The product meets high quality standards that are compliant with US and EU standards and other global regulatory standards such as FSSAI, USDA Organic, India Organic, EU Organic, GMP, HACCP, ISO, Halal and Kosher.

In addition to demonstrating both its safety and efficacy through its clinical tests, AshwaMind is also Vegan and Lactose-free. The product is also India Organic, USDA Organic, EU Organic certified and passes the FSSAI, GMP, Halal, ISO, Kosher and HACCP quality stamp.